Jokerman, The Rumpus, forthcoming

The Fence, Longridge Review, October 2019

Summer, 35, Gay Magazine, September 2019

Hibernation Triptych, Atticus Review, September 2019

Beneath the Falls, Open: Journal of Arts & Letters, July 2019

Gravity, Star 82 Review, September 2017

The Other First, Under the Gum Tree, January 2016

Notes from Underground, december, November 2015

Affogato, Gastronomica, August 2015

The Mysteries of Adaptation, Bright Lights Film Journal, August 2010

Wild Love, Bright Lights Film Journal, May 2010

Journalism & Opinion

Valley of Memories, National Parks Magazine, Winter 2019

Dangerous Ideas, National Parks Magazine, Fall 2018

Political Rivals Are Too Often Enemies, Cognoscenti, January 2018

Revolutionary Roles, National Parks Magazine, Fall 2017

Ghosts of the Gorge, National Parks Magazine, Summer 2017

In Bias We Trust, Cognoscenti, February 2017

Deep Listening, National Parks Magazine, Winter 2017

Words and Stones, National Parks Magazine, Summer 2016

The Trouble with Bats, National Parks Magazine, Spring 2016


Flash Fiction

Meals of Choice, Alimentum, March 2013

Springs, Monkeybicycle, October 2012

Things We Asked, More or Less in Order, Prick of the Spindle, June 2011


Blogs & Interviews

More to the Story Podcast, Episode 13, December 2017

Meet the Author, Under the Gum Tree, 2016

Fear Itself, Grub Writes, October 2014

On Submitting, and Hoping Yourself to Shreds, Grub Writes, June 2014


Awards & Honors

Notable Essay, Anne C. Barnhill Prize for Creative Nonfiction (judged by Randal O’Wain), Longridge Review, 2019

First Prize, Flash CNF Contest (judged by Ira Sukrungruang), Atticus Review, 2019

Winner, Flash Discourse Prize, Open: Journal of Arts & Letters, 2019

Nomination, Pushcart Prize, "The Other First," Under the Gum Tree, 2017

Honorable Mention, Curt Johnson Prose Awards, Nonfiction (judged by Albert Goldbarth), december, 2015

Finalist, Creative Nonfiction Prize, Phoebe, 2015

Finalist, Emerging Writer's Contest, Nonfiction, Ploughshares, 2014

Finalist, Annie Dillard Award for Creative Nonfiction, Bellingham Review, 2013


Kind Words

"…an engagingly clear-headed admission that there is no clear-headedness when it comes to some essentially conflicted American topics. Its 'neverending mashup' is laced with a bountiful honesty about both self and culture." - Albert Goldbarth, on my essay "Notes from Undergound"